Maternity - Letter to sweet baby Sullivan - July 16, 2019 - In Studio

Sullivan - Newborn Session - IVF Success Story - Ashley Hempel Photography.png

”My sweetest Sullivan,

I want you to be able to read this one day. I want you to know how loved you are, from the very beginning. You are our biggest dream come true. I still can’t believe that Daddy and I get to watch you grow big and strong, our miracle. We get to comfort you and cherish each day that we have together on this earth.

It hasn’t been easy getting you here but you were meant for us.

The morning I saw your beautiful face and heard your cries, I didn’t realize my heart could grow anymore than it already had during those 9 months we shared together. Before you, I remember I used to always pretend to be pregnant. I’d stuff my shirt in front of a mirror and talk to my belly as if you were inside. I would tell you how much you were loved and rock you back and forth.

You were loved before you were even created.

The road to you has been long. There were times that we didn’t know whether or not the dream of you was achievable.

The heartbreak we felt month after month was almost unbearable. The realization of not ever holding you was something that I couldn’t accept. Infertility was not going to stop me from finding you.

We fought long and hard, struggling through 3 full rounds of IVF. One after the other, more sad news and more heartbreak. My body and mind was reaching its limit. Out of our third round, you were our little embryo that could. We finally found you. As soon as I saw you on a screen, I knew you would be my earth-side baby. I told you that I would keep you safe during the transfer and that you were coming home with us.

It was the best feeling in the world knowing that you were growing and my body was caring for you every step of the way. That’s how I plan to be as your mother for the rest of your life. I am going to love you forever.

The journey to you was hard but I know that the best journey is just starting.. we love you, our precious little Sully.

Forever and always,
Your Mama