Family - The Teegarden's - February 18, 2019 - Destination: Petersburg, Illinois

The Teegarden's

Ami is one of my people, one of my tribe. Someone who ‘gets me’. Someone who is in my corner.

We, along with several other beautiful, strong, wonderful women, have been friends for the last four years, having met in a very popular pregnancy group for women who were all due in July 2015. When I was pregnant with Liam, my sweet rainbow baby, after having lost Sawyer at 39 weeks, I met and befriended these ladies. This group of women held my heart when I was too scared to hope, through every kick count where I held my breath, hoping he would get active again. They offered their care and their compassion through comments and private messages. They cried with me and rejoiced when he was here and healthy. They sent me a beautiful necklace for Sawyer’s first birthday, and a special t shirt for Liam when I was feeling so sad. We’ve held each other through some incredibly tough times, losses and also through some immense joys. New jobs, moves, new babies. We’ve offered to save bail money when one of our hubbies is particularly douchy at the moment.

I have had the joy of flying to the states to photograph 2 babies born to my ladies- one in Washington state, the other in Texas- but they didn’t get blog posts because I was slacking in blogs. oops. maybe I’ll do a throwback blog post one day soon and show off their beautiful families, I trust they know I love them too ;)

Months ago Ami told me she was going to be an aunt and asked if I’d come down to Illinois to take photos of her newborn nephew, and I said yes. actually I am pretty sure I whooped and said '“EFF YES!” but I could be wrong ;)

So, in January I had the privilege of flying to some random little one streetlight town in Illinois to take photos of my beautiful friend’s new nephew, eat a delicious american thanksgiving supper (yes, we are aware it was January, but there’s always time for turkey and… jello salad..) and have a wild girls night out at a karaoke bar (sooo much fun). There was no way I could possibly leave without doing some family photos- it’s kind of what I do, and look how freaking cute their kids are!

It was cold (apparently there are places that get as cold as Bonnyville, Alberta- who knew?!) and so we decided on a lifestyle family snuggle session indoors, reading a favourite book, and staying warm.

and I am so glad we did.

When I look at these photos, I see love. I also see Sadie and Luke all grown up and misty eyed over photos of this family that was so so very heart full.

Love you guys.

-xoxo <3 Ashley

Ps: Send me a message if you want more info on a lifestyle in home snuggle session :)