{ Ashley Hempel Photography - Bonnyville, Alberta}
Ashley Hempel Photography


These are NOT the cheesy glamour photos your mom got in the 70's and 80's. You know the ones.. long white gloves up to the elbows, big poufy hair sprayed so well you just knew it wasn't going to move for a looooong time. The bedroom eyes over a well placed fan, or, my personal favourite- feather boa.. 

These also are not photos you take JUST to give to your hubby, or your boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, you'll win wife of the year if you do, but that's not what boudoir is about. (it's just a sweet perk.)

Boudoir photos are meant for you. They are completely meant for you to help empower and turn you into that queen you feel deep down inside. That diva who has been slumbering since baby number two arrived and you haven't slept in a year or two. Or maybe you haven't even realized what a vixen you are. This is your time to shine (or slither) and let your inner Beyoncé out to slay.

Boudoir sessions take place in my private studio where you are pampered with hair and makeup, wine and strawberries while my team brings out the sassy gal just below the surface. Once you are sultrified the team leaves and it's just us gals. I know, this is the part where your nerves take over and you're more than a little shocked and terrified- don't be. You've got this. I will pose you and instruct you, all you have to do is flow baby. and flow you will. 

So how do you make this magic happen? Come in to the studio for a design consult to discuss wardrobe, ideas and poses you like. I cannot wait to hear from you.